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John Battelle has an interesting discussion regarding the impending launch of genuine video on Google, what it might mean for third parties, and how it might integrate with Google's new payments system.

Google has been inviting people/organizations to submit video for some time. We said before that this might be the Sundance Film Festival meets America€™s (or the World€™s) Funniest Home Videos. But it's probably ultimately a bigger deal.

Competition in the realm of online video will be as fierce as it is in general search (and potentially fierce with TV for ad dollars). Case-in-point: AOL's Moviefone short film competition, sponsored by Ford's Mercury division.

Lots more to say about IPTV, video search, etc . . . We just started touching on this in April.


More coverage on Google Video Playback from Chris Sherman at Search Engine Watch.

Yet more from AP's Mike Liedtke. Google will have trouble getting people to pay for content unless the price threshold is low or there's a reasonable, all-you-can eat plan.

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