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The short answer is "probably." Ka-Ching: El Greedo is rearing its head at MySpace and while the site is hot hot hot now, it may lose its mojo if users no longer perceive it as a cool community but rather as a tool of corporate manipulation and marketing. Murdoch bought the site (and really its youthful user base) to market a bunch of stuff to its audience (and launch related marketing vehicles).

The company appears to be trying to create a brand and extend it across media (music, TV, movies). Here are two pieces that illustrate both the opportunities and the risks in those strategies.

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  1. Murdoch will leave it alone. What can he do to screw it up anyway? It has banner ads and other junk right in your face as it is and it does not affect the current base. I have been spending time on the site trying to absorb the culture and what I found is a community so solid I don't it can be disrupted. Remember Rupert Murdoch gave these "kids" Fox and the Simpsons and Futurama, now Family Guy.
    The Simpson's generation doesn't even know who Rupert Murdoch is and he really doesn't know or care who they are. A perfect virtual match.

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