SkypeBay Take Two: PPCall Ambitions

I can't believe I missed this lower-down in the release:

The acquisition also enables eBay and Skype to pursue entirely new lines of business. For example, in addition to eBay's current transaction-based fees, ecommerce communications could be monetized on a pay-per-call basis through Skype. Pay-per-call communications opens up new categories of ecommerce, especially for those sectors that depend on a lead-generation model such as personal and business services, travel, new cars, and real estate.

So eBay is explicitly saying it will be using/integrating PPCall and extending it into its other properties. The Kelsey Group projected that PPCall could grow to between US$1.4 and US$4 billion by 2009, depending on several penetration scenarios.

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  1. Greg

    They hinted/indicated as much

  2. Ina Steiner

    Hi Greg,
    I didn't miss it, and in fact I mentioned your report in my write-up. :)

  3. Greg

    At least someone's paying attention. :)

  4. Gilad Sasson

    eBay is also the proud owner of that might implement a pay-per-call model soon, in addition to its "traditional" pay-per-click.

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