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Verizon is heavily promoting its $60 per month wireless broadband offering. They claim to cover a population of 130 million. That is a lot more expensive than my high-speed cable connectivity I have at my office.

I doubt I€™d switch from my existing hardwire connection to the Verizon wireless offer and I can€™t think of enough out of office occasions to justify $60 per month.

So where€™s Verizon going with this? It€™s a clear shot at trying to take share from existing connectivity providers €" be it competing telcos or cable operators. Just one more piece of evidence that Verizon tossed out the playbook that defined their market opportunity by their franchise telephone operations years ago and they have no intention of dusting it off anytime soon.

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  1. Yes, I know I can't take it with me, but I can find a t-moblie hot spot for those occassions that I do need connectivity when I am not in my offic.

  2. Neal,

    The difference with your wired access and this service is that you can't take that wired access with you.

  3. The $60 offer apparently requires that you also be a Verizon voice customer, so it's not clean. (Non-voice customers pay $80 for the service.) Over time that price will probably come down.

    I would switch from wireline Comcast to wireless Verizon BB in a heartbeat if the price point came down somewhat and the speeds were comparable.

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