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Having waited and waited to upgrade my cellphone technology and music listening experience, I read with considerable interest the hot rumors about the pending product launch of a new Motorola cellphone that comes loaded with iTunes software.

With 2.5G and 3G wireless networks on the horizon, downloading full songs wirelessly will soon be a routine experience.

So I wonder, will the flight attendant allow me to operate this phone between take-off and landing? What about if I want to take a run €" will this new fangled phone/music player be light-enough so as not to weigh me down (got plenty that already weighs me down)? Will colleagues or clients now be able to reach me even when I am running? What about battery life €" will playing songs on my cellphone mean taking the risk that I might miss a call because I€™ve sucked all the life out of the battery? And what about all the great rich local content that will soon be available to me on my €œnext€ cellphone or PDA €" will I be trading useful content for music?

I think I€™ll play that game that millions of consumers and business owners learned many years ago – €œhide and seek€ – or is it €œwait and see?€

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  1. What will be interesting is to see whether this points the way to a better wireless user experience that has implications beyond the marriage of music and phone.

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