AIDA: Old Media Still Works!

Specifically, DCCI is focusing on €œthe ROI data our Call Measurement Services provides to marketer and business owners,€ and how their €œCall Measurement Programs deliver real-time information about high-value customers.€ They have placed the ads next to a YPA print ad with a headline, €œGuess Who Leads the Way in ROI?€ And so the two ad campaigns reinforce each other.

I€™m not in a position to judge whether these ads will be successful in introducing their new €œTelmetrics, powered by DCCI€ branding, but the direct-mail piece succeeded in increasing my Desire to know more and at least sufficient Action that I wrote this blog.

Most of our company€™s marketing is electronic (as you all probably are very well aware), but the part of the Yellow Pages business that still generates 90% of industry revenues lands on our front doorstep and gets put in the kitchen drawer €" the heart of the information center of most homes.






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