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Lots has already been written about what a big win Live8 was for AOL and, interestingly, how traditional TV botched the coverage.

The timing couldn't have been better for the new AOL portal, which has a huge stake in the competitive success of its broadband video search/offering and establishes the company as the de-facto leader in the arena, which promises to become as competitive as search, if not more so.

One question is, will the Live8 broadcast — seen across the globe by more than five million people — in retrospect been regarded as the watershed moment in which online video became mainstream? And what are the implications for broadcast, cable and the still-in-development IPTV?

Obviously . . . more to come.



Here's a Silcon Beat post/piece on podcast pitching to VCs. But click on "this pitch" and listen to the podcast about CosmoTV. Amazing stuff. It gives you an idea of where TV-Web integration is all heading.

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