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As many of you may have read at ClickZ or MediaPost, Ingenio launched an API today that will enable agencies and search engine marketing (SEM) firms to tap directly into Ingenio's bidding engine and distribution. Effectively, this creates additional sales channels for the PPCall product and will make it more broadly available to larger marketers that want to drive calls.

SEM firm iCrossing is using it out of the gate and so is Did-it. The Kelsey Group has forecasted that the PPCall market could be worth between US$1.4 and US$4 billion by 2009. That's a big range, but it's a totally new animal and the extent of growth depends on penetration and on sales channel development to drive adoption. The new API, as well as other developments (e.g., Verizon PPCall), are helping to build awareness and accelerate growth.

Here's the full Ingenio release.

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