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Social Networking + Vertical Search: Jobster acquires WorkZoo. There are arguably too many competitors in the recruitment/job search "space," including CareerBuilder, Monster, HotJobs, Indeed, SimplyHired, WorkZoo, LinkedIn, Oodle, Craigslist, local newspapers . . . the list goes on.

Let the consolidation begin.

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  1. hi Greg –

    while i won't argue there may be some consolidation starting, i think the # of players is also a reflection on the size of the market opportunity (billions of both dollars and people) and the relatively early stage of market development we're currently in. given that size & scope, there could be room for a number of players to operate independently for quite some time.

    further, the Jobster-Workzoo deal was a 2-person team getting acquired by a 1st-round (or 2nd?) funded startup. by comparison, Indeed has at least 10 people, and SimplyHired has over 30. Mark & Kerry are smart folks, but i'm not sure if that deal marks the beginning of a wave of activity by the majors (yet anyway); i believe it was an opportunistic move by Jobster to snap up the #3 player in the vertical job search market.

    What it *does* indicate is that the functionality Workzoo had built was of strategic value (nice job Mark), at least enough to motivate a change in tactics by one significant player.

    you're right there are likely some more moves coming around the corner, but the whole market has a *lot* of growing up to do. it may be several years before the dust really starts to settle. will there ever be a one-stop end-to-end site for both jobseekers and employers? maybe, but right now we're all chewing on different pieces of the puzzle.

    in the meantime, i expect there will be a number of twists & turns in the story… so stay tuned 😉

    – dave mcclure

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