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AdMission Corp. issued a press release that announces the granting of a patent for its "media-submission" technology, which is in widespread use in both the online newspaper and directory industries.

The wording of the patent is fairly broad and could hold significant implications for numerous ad networks and publishers in the market.

From the release:

AdMission Corporation, a provider of directional advertising solutions, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued U.S. Patent No. 6,895,557 entitled €œWeb-Based Media Submission Tool.€ The patent is directed to a process of efficiently and intelligently collecting media objects such as digital photos, video and audio files from remote contributors. AdMission€™s Web-Based Media Submission Tool has supported over one billion e-commerce transactions on sites which license the technology such as eBay,, The Washington Post and

This cluster of patents (there are three related ones) is collectively a big deal with potentially huge implications for anyone that processes and distributes digital media online (video, audio and images). There is some discussion of the potential scope of this from Peter Zollman in ClickZ., but people don't seem to be "getting it" because the realm of patents and patent law is Byzantine stuff. But this could be very big.

More to follow in the Local Media Journal.

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