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At AD-TECH in San Francisco, I spoke with IMPAQT CEO Richard Hagerty, who demonstrated for me the company's "Intelligent Landing Page."

It can sit behind any paid search ad (both a strength and a weakness). When users click through, they go to this landing page, which can be loaded with rich media and other potential functionality, such as maps, related contextual ads, email forms, etc.

The press release (link above) doesn't really reflect how impressive this page is.

Local targeting, behavioral targeting and demographic targeting are built into the capabilities. Many applications come to mind: travel, autos, real estate, professional (legal, medical, financial) services—it's a marriage of rich media and targeted search. And I would think it's a brand marketer's dream.

Hagerty and I talked about how the advanced functionality can help generate more qualified leads or potentially move people closer to purchase decisions based on the material/video that's loaded onto this page and how the page (and its content) adapts in real time to user behavior. It was amazingly sophisticated.

One could also plug in a phone number for tracking or added monetization.

The only problem, from my point of view, was the fact that this rich experience depends on a tiny text ad that doesn't give any indication of what's behind it.

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